Streamline Your CRT Teaching Booking Process with airTeachr

airTeachr is a FREE service for schools to be able to manage their CRT teaching resource booking and Management.

Discover a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for booking CRT teaching resources at your school.
With airTeachr, you can bid farewell to the complexities and high fees associated with CRT teaching agencies.
This comprehensive guide will walk you through the reasons why airTeachr is the ultimate choice for schools.
highlighting its features and benefits.

A Step-By-Step Process to airTeachr

Getting Started with airTeachr

Say goodbye to the traditional agency approach and follow these simple steps to start booking your CRT teachers effortlessly through airTeachr

A Step-By-Step Process to airTeachr

1. Register Your School on

When you visit, you can begin the registration process by providing necessary information about yourself as your will need a personal profile up to attach to your school.

If you already have a school set up, you will be able to attach your profile to the existing school profile. If you are a new school you will be able to create a profile from scratch. This step sets the foundation for utilizing airTeachr’s innovative platform.

2. Create a school profile for easy identification

After registering, create a school profile that reflects your unique identity and requirements. This information includes your School Logo, School Address and Phone Number and a brief summary of the school and its core values. This profile will enable relief teachers to identify and connect with your school easily. airTeachr also now allows for you to upload any documentation that a CRT teacher needs to accept before working at your school.

3. Await school profile approval

To ensure the legitimacy of users and maintain a trusted community, airTeachr will review and approve your school profile. Rest assured, this process is prompt and efficient, allowing you to proceed smoothly.

4. Add your Staff and CRT Teaching Resources

Assign administrator roles to authorized members of your school

Grant administrator roles to designated members within your school who will manage and oversee the relief teacher booking process on airTeachr. This step ensures streamlined communication and accountability.

Add teaching staff (as non admin roles) to grant them access for entering booking information

Include your teaching staff in the airTeachr platform, providing them with access to add essential information for bookings. This collaborative feature enhances communication between the crt teacher and empowers your own staff teachers. These staff members who are part of the booking will also be notified when the CRT teaching resource has completed their shift and uploaded summary information about the booking.

5. Select the ideal relief teacher based on your requirements

With airTeachr’s user-friendly interface, browsing and selecting relief teachers is a breeze. Explore their profiles, credentials, resumes, and accreditations to make informed decisions that match your school’s specific needs.

6. Provide necessary booking details

Once you’ve chosen the perfect relief teacher for your school, provide them with the relevant booking details. This step ensures a smooth transition and effective planning for a productive day of teaching.

airTeachr School Benefits

Simplifying CRT Teaching with airTeachr

Casual relief teaching has become a necessity in schools due to various reasons, such as staff leaves, professional development days, and unexpected absences.
However, the traditional methods of hiring relief teachers through agencies have become frustrating and cumbersome.
Enter airTeachr, the platform that revolutionises the way schools find and hire casual relief teachers. Here's why schools choose airTeachr

Choose Your Teachers

Upon creating a school account on airTeachr, you gain instant access to relief teachers' profiles, credentials, resumes, and accreditations. This allows you to make informed decisions based on their qualifications and ratings from other schools. Enjoy the freedom of selecting the ideal relief teacher who aligns with your school's values and teaching requirements.

No Booking Fees

Unlike agencies that charge per booking, airTeachr eliminates the burden of additional fees for every booking. Instead, schools pay a nominal monthly subscription for unlimited bookings, which not only saves costs but also allows for financial benefits for both schools and relief teachers. airTeachr also allows schools to invite their existing crts and book them for free using the platform. If you are a school that only books a few CRT teachers a month then you use the entire platform for free. Say goodbye to colossal agency fees and enjoy a transparent and cost-effective solution.

Teacher Reviews

Prior to making a booking, you can view reviews from previous schools where relief teachers have worked. These ratings provide valuable feedback and insights into their performance, ensuring you select the best-suited candidate for your school. Benefit from the experiences of other schools and make well-informed decisions.

Pre-Booking Information

With airTeachr, schools can upload essential information and instructions for relief teachers to prepare for their upcoming shift. This feature eliminates confusion and enhances the learning experience for students. By providing necessary resources in advance, you empower relief teachers to be well-prepared and confident in their roles.

After Booking Report

Following the completion of a booking, airTeachr prompts the relief teacher to provide a comprehensive report attached to the booking. This allows regular teachers to stay informed about the day's activities and address any urgent matters promptly. Enjoy seamless communication and valuable insights for smooth transition and continuity in the classroom.

Record Keeping

Enjoy the convenience of tracking all your casual relief teacher bookings, dates, and replacements with airTeachr. This feature serves as a reliable record-keeping system, simplifying payroll management and providing transparency for administrative staff. Stay organized and access comprehensive records whenever needed.

Saving Important School Funds

CRT Teaching Rates

At airTeachr, we believe in offering a feature-rich platform at a minimal cost, benefitting both schools and relief teachers.

Unlike traditional CRT agencies that charge substantial fees on top of the standard CRT wage, airTeachr ensures no lost value and a fair compensation system.

Jump on the platform today for free and start utilising all the free offerings. If you need to increase you subscription to airTeachr’s using our affordable $50 monthly plan, you can enjoy unlimited bookings and bid farewell to any additional booking fees.

casual relief teacher and young children
CRT Teaching Skilled teacher with young children

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