Essential Information for CRTs: Prepare for Success

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As a CRT (Casual Relief Teacher), stepping into a new classroom can be both exciting and challenging. To ensure a smooth and effective teaching experience, it's crucial for CRTs to receive the necessary information before their shift. In this article, we will delve into six essential things that CRTs need to know before their first day. Understanding these aspects, from required resources to teaching styles, will help CRTs prepare adequately, deliver engaging lessons, and meet the diverse needs of the students.

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  1. What to Bring

    Being prepared with the right materials is essential for a successful teaching experience. Informing CRTs about what to bring to the classroom helps them start off on the right foot. Provide the following suggestions
    a) Personal identification or relevant teaching certifications:
    CRTs should carry their identification and any necessary teaching credentials to ensure smooth entry into the school premises.
    b) Objects for lessons:
    Encourage CRTs to bring any relevant objects or props that can enhance their teaching and make lessons more engaging and interactive.
    c) Resources related to the lesson:
    If the CRT is already familiar with the topic, encourage them to bring any additional resources, such as books, articles, or visual aids, that can enrich the learning experience for the students.
  2. Teaching Style at Your School

    Every school has its own unique teaching style and classroom environment. By providing CRTs with insights into your school’s approach, you set them up for success. Highlight the following teaching style aspects
    a) Collaborative learning environment:
    Emphasize the importance of fostering collaboration among students and encourage the CRT to incorporate group activities or projects into their lessons.
    b) Student-centered approach:
    Communicate that your school values student engagement and active participation. Encourage the CRT to design activities that allow students to take ownership of their learning.
    c) Emphasis on interactive and hands-on activities:
    Let the CRT know that interactive and hands-on learning experiences are highly valued. Encourage them to incorporate experiments, discussions, and practical activities into their lessons whenever possible.
  3. Required Resources

    Ensuring that CRTs know where to find the necessary resources and materials is crucial for a smooth teaching experience. Provide information on the following resources
    a) Textbooks, workbooks, or instructional materials:
    Inform CRTs about the location of relevant textbooks, workbooks, or other instructional materials they may need to refer to during their lessons.
    b) Access to electronic or sporting equipment:
    If specific lessons require the use of electronic devices or sporting equipment, guide CRTs to the appropriate storage areas or provide instructions for accessing these resources.
    c) Classroom supplies:
    Clearly communicate the availability and location of essential supplies like markers, chart paper, scissors, and any other materials that CRTs may need during their teaching sessions.
  4. Topics to Be Covered

    To ensure effective lesson delivery, CRTs should have a clear understanding of the topics they will be teaching. Provide the following information
    a) List of the upcoming lesson:
    Share a detailed outline or schedule of the lessons that will be covered during the CRT’s shift. Include any specific learning objectives or milestones.
    b) Key concepts and learning objectives:
    Highlight the key concepts or skills that students are expected to grasp during the lessons. This will help the CRT align their teaching strategies with the intended learning outcomes.
    c) Integration of cross-curricular subjects:
    If applicable, inform CRTs about any cross-curricular integration happening during the lessons. This will enable them to make connections across different subjects, fostering a more holistic learning experience for students.
  5. Additional Research

    Encourage CRTs to go the extra mile by conducting additional research on the lesson topic. Provide them with valuable resources and platforms to enhance their teaching. Consider the following suggestions
    a) Recommended resources for enhancing lessons:
    Share a list of books, articles, websites, or educational platforms that can provide additional information, ideas, or activities related to the lesson topic.
    b) Online educational platforms or websites:
    Direct CRTs to reputable online resources that offer lesson plans, interactive activities, or multimedia materials related to the subject matter. These resources can enrich the teaching and learning experience.
    c) Supplementary materials for differentiated instruction:
    Inform CRTs about any supplementary materials, such as leveled readers, extension activities, or adaptations for students with diverse learning needs. These materials can support differentiated instruction and cater to the individual needs of the students.
  6. Students’ Needs

    To ensure the well-being and inclusivity of all students, it’s vital for CRTs to be aware of any specific student needs. Provide the following information
    a) Allergies or medical conditions:
    Highlight any allergies or medical conditions that CRTs should be aware of to ensure student safety and appropriate accommodations.
    b) Individualized Education Program (IEP) details:
    Share relevant details from students’ IEPs to help CRTs understand individual learning goals, accommodations, and strategies that may be required.
    c) Behavioral strategies or accommodations:
    If certain students require specific behavioral strategies or accommodations, provide CRTs with insights into these strategies to support a positive and inclusive classroom environment.

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