Exploring the Role of a CRT Agency

Exploring CRT Agency Role at airTeachr

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CRT agencies are responsible for recruiting, vetting, and assigning substitute teachers to schools.

Imagine your tireless team of dedicated educators faced with an
unexpected absence — perhaps due to illness, personal emergencies or
professional development leave. Traditionally, organising a replacement
for them might be a complex and time-consuming task, involving searching
for available and qualified individuals, often at the last minute. This
is precisely where CRT (Casual Relief Teaching) agencies step in.


These agencies act as intermediaries between schools and
a pool of qualified, pre-vetted substitute teachers — or, as they are
often referred to in Australia, CRTs. Their primary function is to help
manage the inevitable fluctuations in staffing needs that schools face
throughout the academic year. 

What does that translate to, in practice? With a focus on providing
high-quality, trained professionals, these agencies handle the bulk of
the operational workload behind hiring substitute teaching staff. That
includes tasks such as sourcing and recruiting candidates, conducting
intensive security checks and vetting processes, coordinating schedules,
and dealing with administrative paperwork. 


CRT Agencies in Australian Vernacular

Similar to how you might refer to a fizzy soft drink as a “soda”, “pop”,
or “coke”, depending on where you’re from, CRT agencies are known by
various names across different regions of Australia. 

In most parts of the country, the term CRT (Casual Relief Teacher) is
commonly used. Still, in other regions, you might hear teachers from
these agencies referred to as ‘relief teachers’, ‘substitute teachers’ or ‘supply teachers’. 

Regardless of the terminology, these various names all refer to the same
essential role — stepping in to provide quality education when the
regular teaching staff are unavailable. 

Benefits of using CRT Agency


Benefits of Using a CRT Agency


Utilising a CRT (Casual Relief Teaching) agency brings a wealth of
advantages to schools across Australia. Because, let’s face it,
classroom dynamics, teaching standards, and administrative tasks can be
overwhelming. So, here’s a list of benefits you can’t ignore.

The ease of finding an experienced substitute
teacher with minimal effort cannot be overstated. You don’t have to
worry about screening, hiring, and confirming availability — the
agency handles all of this.


Dependable Delivery:
A CRT agency ensures ongoing teaching,
especially in cases of sudden illness or emergencies. So, you can
say goodbye to disruptions and hello to maintaining a conducive learning

Exceptional Talent: CRT agencies have a vast network of
educators spanning various specialisations. So, you can even tap into 
specialised teachers who foster better achievement in

Cost-effective: Schools often struggle with budget constraints.
Online CRT agencies like airTeachr eliminate overhead costs like
recruitment, staffing, and manual labour typically associated with
heavily staffed agencies.


Extended Benefits

But wait, there’s more! A CRT agency brings other less obvious perks to
your school community. It creates an opportunity for your full-time
teachers to engage in professional development, ensuring they are always at the top of their game. *In essence, you’re investing not just in
today’s teaching needs, but also in the educational future of your


“A well-chosen CRT agency does more than just find a substitute
teacher at short notice; it contributes to a school’s long-term
development and quality assurance.”

Why do schools use CRT agencies?


There are many reasons why schools use CRT agencies. However, the most prominent aspects of this decision often revolve around meeting sudden staffing needs.

CRT agencies provide a reliable avenue for schools to adapt to unexpected changes in their teaching staff, ensuring a consistent and high-quality learning experience for the students.

reason why schools use CRT agencies

1. Ease of staffing

Firstly, we should acknowledge the simple fact that, as an educator,
you’re bound to face situations where a member of your teaching staff
is unable to attend work due to reasons such as illness, unforeseen
circumstances, or even planned absences for personal reasons or professional development day. This is where CRT agencies, or Casual Relief Teacher agencies, come into play. They operate to ensure that high-quality substitute or *supply teachers* are made available to your school at a moment\’s notice.

2. Guarantee of quality

Secondly, and most importantly, CRT agencies create an assurance for the quality of education during unavoidable periods of teacher absence. They do this by thoroughly vetting and training their pool of teachers, so you can remain confident in the calibre of education delivered within your school, even when your permanent teaching staff are not around. Ensuring the education process remains uninterrupted is a key merit of engaging a CRT agency. Since airTeachr is an online agency, we have implemented a rating system to ensure the high quality of teachers to ensure schools can share those high quality staff with each other. 

3. Reduced administrative burden Another pivotal reason for schools to engage CRT agencies is the drastic reduction in administrative responsibilities. CRT agencies manage the entire hiring, scheduling, and payroll process for substitute teachers, freeing schools from the often tedious and time-consuming tasks related to temporary hiring. This advantage will allow schools to focus more on their core responsibilities of supervising a conducive learning environment.

4. Flexibility with immediate access 

Lastly, the value of flexibility offered by CRT agencies can’t be
overstated. Schools can request substitute teachers for periods ranging
from a single class to a full academic term based on their specific
needs, with immediate access to a large pool of competent educators.
This offers a significant layer of versatility to how schools can manage
their staffing and scheduling. 

In conclusion, schools use CRT agencies to ensure their students continue to receive quality education, even amidst unpredictable staff absences. The convenience, reliability, and simplicity provided by CRT agencies make them an invaluable resource for schools seeking a hassle-free solution to staff replacement.

functions and responsibilities of a crt agency

The Functions and Responsibilities of a CRT Agency

In Australia, CRT agencies are commonly used to fill in for absent teachers

These teachers are vital to the smooth operation of schools and the continuity of education for students. They step in at short notice to cover periods of absence, whether it be for one lesson, one day, or longer periods of time. Given the unpredictable nature of teacher absence, the role of a CRT agency is crucial in ensuring that these gaps are filled promptly and effectively.

Using a CRT agency provides a significant advantage to schools in managing the logistical and administrative challenges of sourcing and scheduling substitute teachers. These agencies have access to a pool of qualified teachers who are ready and available to fill in at a moment’s notice. This service is especially beneficial to schools, as it ensures educational continuity and reduces the potential disruptions that can occur as a result of teacher absence.

The CRT agency is responsible for ensuring you have staff when you need them. They are responsible for training their staff to ensure they are qualified and are learning from each of their different experiences. Some CRT agencies are responsible for the staffs behaviour and actions if the staff is employed by the agency. 

Services Offered by CRT Agencies 

Beyond simply providing teachers to fill in during periods of absence, CRT agencies also offer a range of other services. These can include:

  • Professional development and training opportunities for their teachers
  • Quality assurance processes to guarantee the competency of their teachers
  • Assistance with payroll and other administrative tasks
Why Schools Rely on CRT Agencies

Substitute teachers employed through CRT agencies may work in different schools on different days, providing flexibility and variety in their teaching assignments.

This can give diversity to these teachers experience and it can help cross pollinate good practices across schools.

Relying on CRT agencies also means that you always have a helping hand when you are juggling teachers schedules, days off and professional development days. 

So, how do online CRT agencies function in practice? Here’s a simplified process:

  1. When a school realises they need a substitute teacher, they log in and search the online CRT agency for the right qualifications of their candidate.
  2. The agency would then match the school\’s teaching needs with appropriate substitute teachers from their database.
  3. Once a match is found, the school can send a direct booking request to that teacher. The alert would then notify the teacher to allow them to accept or decline the booking. Using quick bookings allow you to send the notifications to multiple teachers at once, which provides more options for the school to book a teacher without having to re-establish a new booking.
  4. Finally, the online agency will notify the teacher when their booking is coming up and provide communication to the school in the form of a report once the shift is complete.

So, the next time you hear someone talking about an online CRT agency, or about becoming a substitute or supply teacher, you’ll know what it’s all about!

finding the right crt agency
Finding the Right CRT Agency for Your School

Finding the right Casual Relief Teaching (CRT) agency for your school is a vitally important project. It’s more than just filling a temporary need; it can be the difference between maintaining the efficiency of your learning environment and disrupting the educational flow.

With the right agency by your side, you’re not merely fortifying your workforce. Instead, you’re partnering with a team of professionals dedicated to providing quality education in your institution. But how do you choose the right one?

Firstly, understanding your staffing needs is paramount. It would be best to consider the frequency at which you need substitute or supply teachers, the subjects and standards for which you need the most coverage, and the qualities you consider vital for a CRT teacher.

Determining Your Staffing Needs

Next, it’s crucial to check the quality and reputation of the agency. Reviews and testimonials of other schools using the agency can give you a good idea about their reliability. This will also clue you in on the calibre of teachers the agency can supply, their training programs for teachers, and how commonly they’re able to fill requests.

Checking the Agency’s Quality and Reputation

Following this, it’s also crucial to understand the terms of service each agency provides. All aspects of the agreement should be transparent, including the fees involved, the notice periods, provisions for emergencies, and the support services they offer.

Understanding the Terms of Service

Lastly, remember it never hurts to experiment and observe. You can
use a few different CRT agencies initially to see which one fits your
needs best. By observing how well their teachers fit in with your
school’s environment, and how quickly the agency responds to your
requests, you can gauge their efficiency and compatibility with your


Experimenting and Observing

Remember, the goal is not just to find an agency that can provide
a teacher. It’s about finding an agency that can provide the right
teacher — someone who’s not simply a temporary solution, but
a valuable addition to your educational environment, even if it’s only
for a day. Therefore, take your time, do your research, and choose
wisely. After all, it’s not just your school’s reputation at stake,
but the quality of education your pupils receive.

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