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At airTeachr, we understand that some substitute teachers may develop a strong rapport with specific schools and desire a more exclusive arrangement. That’s why we offer an exclusive booking option that allows teachers to be invited by a school for exclusive bookings, preventing them from being booked by other schools. This feature provides an opportunity for teachers to build deeper connections with schools and establish a more consistent presence in their classrooms.
The network feature provides an opportunity for teachers to build deeper connections with schools and establish a more consistent presence in their classrooms.
Embrace the potential of exclusive bookings and take your substitute teaching career to new heights with airTeachr.
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Join airTeachr today and explore the possibility of exclusive bookings, allowing you to establish stronger connections with schools and create a more impactful teaching experience for both you and your students.
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Booking Process

How does the exclusive booking option work?
  1. Invitation from Schools :
    Schools have the ability to invite substitute teachers to be exclusively booked by their network. This invitation is extended based on the teacher’s performance, professionalism, and rapport with the school community.
  2. Accepting the Invitation :
    Once a teacher receives an exclusive booking invitation, they have the choice to accept or decline it. If accepted, the teacher commits to working exclusively for that school during the designated period, ensuring their availability is dedicated to serving the students and staff of that particular school.
  3. Enjoying the Benefits :
    By accepting the exclusive booking invitation, teachers can enjoy several benefits. They become an integral part of the school community, building stronger relationships with students, colleagues, and administrators.
    This exclusivity allows for a deeper understanding of the school’s culture and teaching methods, enabling teachers to provide a more personalized and effective learning experience. Additionally, exclusive bookings often provide more consistent work and the potential for longer-term assignments.
  4. Professional Growth Opportunities :
    Working exclusively with a school allows teachers to develop a deeper understanding of the curriculum, teaching strategies, and specific student needs. This experience enhances their professional growth, as they become intimately familiar with the school’s educational goals and can contribute to their achievement.
    Exclusive bookings also provide opportunities for ongoing professional development and collaboration with other educators within the school.

Exclusive Booking Option

Teacher Opt-out arrangement

It’s important to note that while exclusive bookings offer numerous advantages, teachers always have the freedom to decline or end exclusivity arrangement requests if their circumstances change or they wish to explore other opportunities. We prioritise the flexibility and autonomy of our substitute teachers while fostering long-term connections with schools.

airTeachr not only provides substitute teachers with a wide range of casual teaching opportunities but also offers the option for exclusive bookings, enabling teachers to develop deeper connections with schools and enjoy the benefits of a more consistent and personalised teaching experience.


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