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Register your interest for airTeachr to extend its features to Early Childhood Learning and Kindergarten Centers

How do you manage your temporary and fill-in staff?

Do you have an agency that you call to hire people at late notice? Are those fees higher than you want? Is the quality of the educators satisfactory? Or do you need to advertise for all your positions on hiring websites?

If you are interested in helping support an app where these issues could be solved by modern technology without heavy agency fees and with better quality staff, please add your contact details to the registration below?

Our airTeachr app is currently only scoped for allowing schools and casual relief teachers to finding and booking emergency teachers. However, as this technology suits so many other industries; with a few changes to our app we can easily create this offering to help facilitate better emergency staffing opportunities at much more affordable prices.

The airTeachr app also has functionality to manage your current staffing arrangements so they can add their availability, you can log on see who is available and book them for their available day’s. A huge benefit is the emergency feature where you can send out a notification to everyone who is available in the area and the first to accept will get the job. You can also ensure that it is only sent to specific educators or only people on your saved list.

If you can see how this will be beneficial for your early learning centre, please let us know and become a supporter so we can launch this offering to you. Those who support us will get low prices and early access to this new feature.

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