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Tired of the hassles and limitations of Tracer?

The Standard Government-Provided CRT System Isn't designed to suit your school?

Imagine a better way to manage your CRT lists

Eliminate the need for handwritten notes in the staff room or spreadsheets buried in shared drives. No more tedious phone calls every morning, checking the availability of each CRT on your list. With airTeachr, you can revolutionize your CRT management process and make it seamless and efficient.

By utilizing airTeachr, you gain access to a powerful platform that allows you to manage your entire CRT list effortlessly. Say goodbye to the days of manual communication and coordination. Our platform takes care of it all for you. Simply input your list of CRTs into the system, and airTeachr will automatically send out notifications via SMS to all your CRTs, notifying them of available shifts. The first to accept the shift will secure the opportunity to work, ensuring a fair and efficient allocation process.

Get your teachers involved and remove the burden from yourself

But that’s not all. airTeachr goes beyond basic communication by offering features that enhance the teaching experience. With airTeachr, you can enable your teachers to upload lesson plans and essential information for the CRT before they even set foot in the classroom. This ensures a seamless transition and allows the CRT to be well-prepared and equipped to provide exceptional teaching support.

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Ready to revolutionize your CRT management?

Sign up for airTeachr today and enjoy all these benefits, absolutely free. That’s right, no credit card required to get started. We believe in the power of our platform and want you to experience its transformative impact firsthand.

simplify your CRT management process today.

Join the airTeachr community.

Say goodbye to outdated and cumbersome methods, and embrace a modern, user-friendly platform that streamlines communication, improves teacher allocation, and enhances the overall teaching experience.

Sign up now and witness the difference airTeachr can make in your school!

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