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airTeachr is FREE for Schools and Casual Relief Teachers

Teachers are FREE to signup for airTeachr and there will be no cost to use airTeachr.

Schools can also signup for airTeachr and all the CRT’s they invite are free for that school to book indefinitely. Schools are also allowed 5 free bookings a month. 

There is no reason not to signup and test out the airTeachr platform for yourself. 

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With airteachr,
schools can easily find and book qualified casual relief teachers
and casual relief teachers can find and apply for work opportunities all in one convenient place.

Gone are the days of expensive agency fees and Lack of communication.

Our user-friendly platform allows schools to search for teachers by location, qualifications, and availability. Casual relief teachers can create a profile and make themselves available for work, and receive notifications when a school is interested in booking them.

Our goal is to make the process of finding and booking relief teachers quick, easy, and cost-effective for schools, while providing relief teachers with more job opportunities and better communication with schools.

Hiring educators and support staff requires time and money – from daily calls and messages, to engaging staffing agencies.  airTeachr is designed to relieve schools of the tedious process of hiring casual teachers and offers top quality staff. 

Whether using our platform for existing temporary staff, or to explore a new pool of first-rate educators, our platform offers easy communication between staff and schools, seamlessly integrated into your current system.


How to find a Casual Relief Teacher?

airTeachr is a platform for both schools and casual relief teachers. Casual relief teachers can easily add and update their availability and access resources to elevate their teaching experience.

For schools, booking a casual relief teacher has never been this easy! Simply log in and enter the date you need the substitute teacher. Available teachers will appear and with a single click the booking is complete.

The casual relief teachers profile will be displayed and you can see their recent availability, qualifications, experience and ratings from previous bookings, to ensure the right teacher for the right school.

Create your airTeachr account today and seamlessly book a casual relief teacher that fits your needs in a few easy steps.


Challenges in using Casual Relief Teacher Agencies

Many agencies in Australia, especially in Victoria, charge an expensive placement fee for every CRT booking. airTeachr has the best cost and access to the platform in Australia.

Click our pricing page to learn more.
Like many businesses, Schools need to monitor their expenses and reduce spending where possible. The more a school can save in one area, the better it can fund another.

Enabling your school to take advantage of these savings means you can prioritise these precious funds for other important areas.
Here are common challenges we’ve observed from schools when using casual relief teaching agencies.

Turnaround Time

Booking casual relief teaching agencies can take a while to process and more often than not, you need a relief teacher as soon as possible.

Extra Fees and Charges

When you are booking casual relief teachers via agencies, there are fees and charges to think about. This fee is separate from the professional fee that you will be paying the relief teacher.

Quick References & Credible Background

When it comes to agencies, it's often uncertain what exactly you're getting in terms of relief teachers. However, with airTeachr, you have the advantage of reviewing the resumes and credentials of teachers before making a booking commitment. Furthermore, the ability to access reviews from other schools ensures that you only get the highest quality teachers.


Making it easier for you to hire casual relief teachers

Hiring a casual relief teacher has never been easier with airTeachr. Get the job done while saving on cost, time and effort. Here are few reasons why you Airteachr should be your go-to when hiring a relief teacher

It’s online!

There is no need to pick up the phone and call someone to check who is available, there is no waiting around to know if someone can fill your shift. You simply log into the portal and you are able to access a range of teachers instantly.

It’s super easy!

It only takes a few taps and you’ve booked yourself a causal relief teacher. All you have to do is create a school account, await for approval and then select a casual relief teacher that fits your requirements and you can get back to the rest of your day.

It saves you time!

Numerous schools have expressed frustration with the cumbersome morning routine of contacting their available staff, followed by reaching out to an agency if no one is accessible. Recognizing this issue, airTeachr aims to streamline the process into a single, straightforward step. By simply clicking the "book" button, you can instantly view all the teachers on your list as well as any other available casual relief teachers in your local area. This feature provides you with a broad selection of candidates, right at your fingertips.

It doesn’t have agency fees!

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, it's worth noting that schools can now enjoy the added advantage of using airTeachr for free for a limited number of bookings. When it comes to agency fees, they can vary greatly, sometimes even reaching up to half of the amount you are paying for the relief teacher. By opting for airTeachr, you can avoid these hefty agency charges altogether. With airTeachr, all you need to pay is a single monthly fee, providing a cost-effective solution for your relief teacher requirements.

It’s completely safe!

airTeachr ensures all data is encrypted and stored on the worlds safest cloud platform - AWS. Information is exclusively shared between the school and the teacher.


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How to book a Casual Relief Teacher

Step 1: Go to app.airteachr.com.au and register your school
Step 2: Create a school profile
Step 3: Assign administrator roles to designated and authorized members of the school
Step 4: Create booking information and provide details for casual relief teachers
Step 5: Select the relief teachers that fit your requirements
Step 6: Click book and you’re done!
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