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airTeachr is the leading casual relief teacher booking website for schools nationwide. For teachers, airTeachr provides teaching opportunities in Australia while making it more accessible and affordable for schools.

Casual relief teacher
Casual relief teachers
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airteachr: Providing teaching opportunities in Australia

airteachr allows teachers to make themselves visible to schools that are in need of relief teachers. All you have to do is create an account, fill in your details, provide the needed information that schools need and wait to receive an email or an SMS that a school has book you for your services.

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How to join as a relief teacher

Airteachr is making it easy for both schools and relief teachers. Here’s how to start getting bookings as a relief teacher minus the hassle.

Step 1: Visit www.airteachr.com
Step 2: Tap Sign in to create an account
Step 3: Fill in your details (Name, Mobile Number, Location)
Step 4: Indicate your Availability
Step 5: Wait for bookings: Deny or Accept

That’s it! This is perfect if you do not want to miss out any teaching opportunities in Australia as a relief teacher.

Remember, if you do well on your booking, you might just get a school to list you as one of their favorite teachers. This means more teaching opportunities and more bookings for you!

Casual relief teacher

Casual Teaching Tips for Relief Teachers

Like any job role, you want to stand out and make sure that you get noticed by your potential employer. Check out these casual teaching tips for relief teachers to increase the chances of landing the job!

Tip #1: Create a dynamic relationship with students
Some may think that you only need to create a relationship with your students if you are their usual teacher and not a relief teacher. The truth is, creating a relationship is one of the best casual teaching tip that you will ever receive. This creates rapport between you and your class and at the same time, makes the teaching session more productive.

Tip #2: Take the time to ask

Remember that as a relief teacher you cannot just jump into your own lesson plan. In most cases, you have to continue or at least connect your lesson and pick up where you students have left off. This avoids confusion on their part and makes sure that they are not lost during the discussions. It is an important casual teaching tip to ask the other teachers or whoever is in charge about the class dynamic and if there are any best practices that they observe to be most effective.

Tip #3: Not every class/student is the same

As a relief teacher, you should be used to meeting new sets of students, one different from the other. Even if you have a lesson planned out and your teaching methods, do not be surprised if this may not always work. Instead, be prepared with different types of approach and take the time to know your students to see what would best work for them.

Tip #4: Learn by experience

Aside from reading tips for casual relief teachers, to become good at what you do, you have to learn by experience. Be observant and take note of your classes; what worked, what did not work and how to improve. You cannot always rely on books and the internet for you to be the best relief teacher there is.

Tip #5: Be Flexible and Adapt

It cannot be emphasized enough how being flexible is important in any line of work. Teaching is a dynamic profession that requires you to develop your own methods and techniques to became an effective teacher while still being anchored by the fundamentals.

Being flexible also refers to your ability to adapt using technology. We have to admit that technology is huge aid for learning. If you feel like you are falling behind your technological capacity as a teacher, take time to learn and catch up. You don’t have to learn the complicated language of programming or to learn how to use intimidating softwares. Just learn the basics such as Microsoft Office Tools and virtual classroom tools such as Zoom, Google Classroom and the cloud.


James Bosman

Math Teacher for Grades 2, 3, 4


Lisa Hernandez

Science and Physical Education Teacher for Prep and Kindergarten


Daniel Robertson

Geometry and French Teacher for Grade 12


Una Lopez

HTML and CSS Teacher for Grade 12


Mike Doe

English Teacher for Grade 5,6,7, and 8

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