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Finding education staff is not as easy as most people would assume.

Manually hiring educators and support staff would require you to make some calls, source some probable candidates and manually go through each of their credentials or resumes before you can even begin to short list. airTeacher is designed to relieve you off the long and tedious process of hiring a relief teacher for your school.

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Where to find a Relief Teacher?

airTeachr is a channel for both relief teachers and schools. As a relief teacher, you can easily add in your availability on the website to make it available for schools who are in need of your services and expertise. For schools, booking a relief teacher has never been this easy! With the data that you would be needing from a relief teacher such as availability, background and experience.

All you have to do is create your airTeachr account and easily book the relief teacher that fits your needs in just a few easy steps.

CRT Challenges

Challenges in Booking Casual Relief teaching agencies Victoria

Like any other service or placement agencies, their is a fee for every booking that you make. A school is also a business and there are factors that you have to weigh and priorities that you have to manage. Here are a few challenges that one might face when booking casual relief teaching agencies in Victoria.

Turnaround Time – Booking casual relief teaching agencies in Victoria can take a while to process and more often than not, you need a relief teacher as soon as possible. Imagine the trouble of having to wait if you can get the relief teacher fit for the role by the time that you need it.

Extra Fees and Charges – When you are booking casual relief teaching agencies in Victoria or any other place, there are fees and charges to think about. This fee is separate from the professional fee that you will be paying the relief teacher.

Quick References & Credible Background – Some agencies may only be limited to providing you with background information and standard resumes of relief teachers in teachers in their pool. Similar to when you are shopping, the best way to know if the purchase is worth it is if you get to read reviews. 

AirTeachr: Making it easier for you to hire relief teachers

Hiring a relief teacher has never been easier with relief teacher. Get the job done while saving on cost, time and effort but still getting the value for your money. Here are few reasons why you Airteachr should be your go-to when hiring a relief teacher:

It’s online!

At this point, everything is moving at warp speed. Banks have gone online, meetings are done virtual and so is shopping. Airteachr has made it possible for you to hire quality relief teachers with just a few taps or clicks. No need to make back and forth calls, no more waiting until a representative can assist you.

It’s super easy!

Like we said, it only takes a few taps or clicks and you’ve got a relief teacher. All you have to do is create an account, select a relief teacher that you see fit to your requirements and that’s pretty much it.

It saves you time!

Imagine if you have to wait for a day or even more for you to get a relief teacher. For sure, you have a lot on your plate and you have your hands full doing several things. It can be taxing to even find the time to make a phone call and fill up a bunch of paper work for you to send over. Airteachr allows you hire a relief teacher in as quick as 5 minutes*.

It doesn’t have agency fees!

Agency fees can go from small to almost half of what you are paying your relief teacher. Avoid having to pay for big agency fees when you can save by just paying the actual booking fee of the relief teacher. Money saved is money earned!

It’s completely safe!

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How It Works

How to Book a Relief Teacher

Step 1: Go to www.airteachr.com and register your school

Step 2: Create a school profile

Step 3: Assign administrator roles to designated and authorized members of the school

Step 4: Create booking information and provide details for casual relief teachers

Step 5: Select the relief teachers that fit your requirements

Step 6: Safely settle your payment on the website and you’re done!

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